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6. African Culture and Democratic Dialogue


Check In


Welcome and greetings Marianne Ballé Moudoumbou, PAWLO and Obiri Mokni, Cagintua e.V.

Opening speech
Dr. Doris Lemmermeier, Comissioner for Integration, State of Brandenburg


Presentation of the Permaculture Project „OKO WA“ in Nigeria
Dr. Titilayo Ajuwon, Rural Women Stronghold Helpers Foundation (RuWoSh)

Report about the recent developement. What is it about? What do they need and how it will go on?


Presentation: Flight and causes of flight

David Afreh, Omega Projekt Management in Ghana


10 min Break


Podium discussion „The System of Government that we want“

What exactly do the young people in Africa expect from their government? How could their expectations be met? What roles should the migrant organisation play to assist the youth realise their dreams?

Merylyne Tuju will talk with Jean Pascal Nkuibo, Godwin Okpon and students from Ghana and Nigeria


Presentation: Economic Empowerment for Refugees

Golden Okwuosa


30 min Break


Presentation:Health of children and women in collective centres

Geraldine Mua Ikia, FEM Forum des Empowerment und Teilhabe für Migranten e.V.

How to deal with the coronavirus? Where can those affected turn? What is the role of volunteers in disseminating health information to the refugees?


Presentation: Coloniasation and how if affect Migration

Fatuma Musa Afrah

What roles can migrants play in the process of decolonisation?



David Afreh & Obiri Mokini


The End