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In-depth coverage of the global refugee crisis and forced migration, featuring reporting, analysis, expert interviews and commentary.
  1. Can Labor Immigration Work for Refugees?

    The Global Compact on Refugees recommends that high-income countries take in some refugees as labor migrants. Researcher Martin Ruhs explores how that might work.
  2. How Rohingya Refugee Children Are Torn Between Languages

    Language is both a means of assimilation and a source of exclusion for young Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh caught between a host country trying to prevent their integration and a home country that may prevent their return, writes Sunaina Kumar.
  3. In Jordan, Some Refugee Fathers Find a Place to Be Vulnerable

    Humanitarian aid organizations tend to view men as more capable of coping with hardship and often overlook them as a vulnerable population of refugees, writes Marta Vidal. One group in Jordan is trying to change that.
  4. Phasing Down and Out: The Murky Art of Leaving Protracted Refugee Crises

    There are endless protocols for scaling up humanitarian responses to deal with new emergencies. But more guidance is still needed on when and how to phase down, writes researcher Sarah Deardorff Miller.
  5. What I Learned From Beirut’s Syrian Refugee ‘Street Children’

    Beirut’s Syrian refugee street children are not thieves, nor are they criminals, writes child protection specialist Cynthia Sleiman. Despite their hardships, they can be incredibly compassionate, and have hopes and fears just like everyone else.